Advanced Physiology
Unit 1 Case Study
Case of the Night Sweats

A 30-year-old developed flu like symptoms with fatigue, afternoon fever, night sweats, weight loss, abdominal cramping, and significant diarrhea. She had taken in very little water over the few days prior to admission the hospital. Blood tests revealed the following:

Hematocrit (Hct): 56%
Leukocytes: 1000/cu mm
Serum potassium: 3.2 mEq/L
CD4 T-cell counts: <200/Ál of blood

This individual was treated with antibiotics for infection and re-hydrated with fluid containing potassium. The hematocrit reversed itself after the fluid was given and then the individual became anemic.

Answer the Following Questions. You can list your sources with each question or you can indicate your sources in the space provided at the end of the questions. Remember to review the criteria used for grading the case studies as given on the CASE STUDIES INDEX page. Including too much in your responses is better than not enough.

**You will need to supply a minimum of 5-6 sentences supporting each of your answers.

1. What is the diagnosis of this individual?

2. What caused the hematocrit abnormality?

3. What treatments are available for this disorder?

4. What is the term for this person's potassium level prior to treatment?

5. What effect could this abnormal potassium level potentially have on the heart?

List Your Sources