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Human Biology General Biology
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Office Phone  (218) 683-8726


    AA Itasca Community College
    BA Dana College
    MS North Dakota State University


    Teaching at Northland since 1987
    Taught High School Biology from 1978-1987


    Goodridge, Minnesota

Classes taught at Northland

    Biological Principles 1, Biological Principles 2, Microbiology, Advanced Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology 1, Anatomy & Physiology 2, Human Biology and Environmental Problems

Other Duties

    Head Baseball Coach 1987-1997

    Asst Baseball Coach 2001-2011

    Defensive Coordinator Football 1987-2010

    NCCFA President 1998-2000


I have been interested in developing the use of multimedia and internet in the classroom and the laboratory. I am currently using PowerPoint as a vehicle for lecture in the classroom and I am experimenting with an animation software called FLASH. Online delivery of classes and the use of a software called APRESO are the current projects I am working on. I have also begun to develop techniques for student assessment in my classes, particularly in Biology 1111,  which involve among other things the use of the internet and computers. Below you will find links to most of my work in the past 3 years.

1) A&P 1 and A&P 2 internet course designed for distance learning

        This is a course which is currently being offered as a CD ROM-Internet hybrid course. If you are interested please contact us.

        Sample A&P 1 distance learning

2) Biology 1111 internet course

        I have developed a course in HUMAN BIOLOGY. This course is entirely online, including the labs. If you are interested in visiting the home page of the course you are welcome to by following the link below. If you would like to take the course please feel free to contact me.


3) Biology 1111 notes page

        I have tried to supply notes of my lectures given in Bio 1111. In doing so I hope that I can assist students who have missed days of lectures or who are not able to adequately take the notes during class.

4) Biology 1111 assessments page

    I have developed this page to help Bio 1111 students assess how they are doing in my classes. This utilizes the work of Steve Berg of Winona State University. The work is not complete.

5) Assessment Portfolio for Biology 1111

        I have developed an assessment portfolio which documents work done in Biology 1111 in student assessment.

6) A&P 1 PowerPoint lectures

        Students are able to view the lecture slides via the internet

7) A&P 2 PowerPoint lectures

        Students are able to view the lecture slides via the internet

8) Microbiology PowerPoint lectures

            Students are able to view the lecture slides via the internet

9) Advanced Physiology PowerPoint lectures

        Students are able to view the lecture slides via the internet

Address     Northland Community & Technical College

                      1101 Hwy One East

                      Thief River Falls MN 56701





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    My wife's name is Darlene and she works as a Registered Nurse
We have three sons and two daughters

Terry, Darlene
  Stacy, Steven
Sallie, Spencer, Stephanie

Stacy played hockey and baseball for the Lincoln High School Prowlers. He played baseball for the Northland Pioneers. Presently he is working as a law enforcement officer for the Roseau City Police Department.

Steven played hockey, baseball and football for the Lincoln High School Prowlers. He played baseball and football for the Northland Pioneers. He is a graduate of Northwest School of Chiropractor. Currently he is working as a Chiropractor in Warren.

Sallie was a figure skater for the TRF Figure Skating club. She is a graduate of Northland College as an RN. Presently she is an RN at Sanford Medical in Thief River Falls

Spencer played Hockey and Baseball for the Lincoln High School Prowlers. He plays baseball for the Northland Pioneers. Currently he is attending Northland College looking at pursing a career in the medical field.

Stephanie is a graduate of Moorhead State University and has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology. Currently she works for UPS in Thief River Falls.