Thesis Statements for the Argumentative Paper


The thesis statement for an argumentative paper clearly states your side of the argument and why you hold that position.  The thesis statement should fulfill the following tasks:




1.  The government needs to limit farm subsidies to farmers who make less than $100,000 a year profit.


2.  The NCAA academic requirements need to be changed to accommodate students whose focus has been athletics and not academics.


3.  Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations need to be enforced more strictly on farms to keep employees, employers, and children safe.


4.  Without private school vouchers for taxpayers, some of America’s finest schools may be closed.


5.  Liberal arts requirements are outdated in a world where technology determines human success.


6.  Term limitations in Congress will force members of Congress to meet their constituents’ demands.


7.   Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment will give women the chance to serve in combat.


8.  The amendment to ban the destruction of the United States flag in protest demonstrations is a sacrifice of the First Amendment.


9.  Unless people vote in favor of the levy referendum, Thief River Falls Public Schools will have to cut programs, such as art, music, and athletics, that are valuable to its students and, therefore, to the community.


10.  To live in a secure nation, Americans must be willing to sacrifice basic freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.



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